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Welcome to Stout Enterprises. With a varied portfolio of web sites, from one jokes wonders to content-rich dynamic sites, we have something for you. Take a look through our web sites and be sure to tell us (and all your friends) which site is your favorite!!!

Weird Sex Laws We live in a perverse world. We are not sure which is worse that people do some of this stuff or that politicians were fascinated with it enough to pass a law to ban it.

Pensions are a thing of the past. Start Planning for the future, here is our company plan, it is open to the public too!!!

401 Keg
Famous Drinking Quotes A look at libations from some of the worlds greatest minds (and others too).

Sober or not, these are funny.
Need a reason to throw a party??? Well here it is... A list of reasons to party for each day, 365 days a year.

TodaysReasonToParty The premier web site of Stout Enterprises, Sotally is a content rich
site all about a good time.
There you can find out how to make every drink imaginable or find out beers from around the world.

Because it is Always Happy Hour Somewhere...
There are some wild and crazy signs out there. Here is a collection of things you need to take a second look at that we have collected from our travels.

Stupid Street Signs
The Church of Beer With a bit of humor, we provide our perspective on religion and life.

In Beer We Trust...
When things are moving along smoothly, take a pass through these great thoughts to bring you down to earth.

Feeling good about yourself? We can fix that... What would you do without Man's Best Friend. Here is a collection of photos showing off the lighter side of our pets.

Random facts fill the web. This collection of facts makes for some interesting reading (particularly for those out there with A.D.D.)

Now You Know Everything

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